Why a garden lake?

Today, the trend of artificially maintained french-style gardens is gradually changing towards natural gardens, in which we can feel comfotable without having to put our effor in a constant fight with the nature. On the contrary – we can let the nature work for us, as it has been doing for centuries. We just need to untie its hands a little bit.

In Austria, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere, the natural garden lakes have been built already in the course of the last 30 years, a period when people started to „return to nature“, eco-gardens, bio-products, etc.

Garden lake is beautiful in every season, which cannot be said of a pool.

Garden lake does not require chemical cleaning, its maintenance is very simple compared to a pool.

Garden lake does not compromise the natural character of the garden. The opposite is true, it connects the garden through in a one harmonic unit.

Being an additional water element, a garden lake enriches the garden and adds it a new dimension.

Presence of a water element attracts birds, frogs, dragonflies and other species, which you can watch while relaxing in the garden.

Where is water, there is life.

In the winter season, the lake can be used for ice skating. Moreover, a view on reed coverd with snow or rime is fabulous

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